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G.R.I.T. Dream TeamsTM

So you are ready to take a deep-dive into your organization and leadership initiatives?  This group is exclusively offered to people-first leaders who want to accelerate their business and professional growth trajectory and enrich their personal lives. As a member of your Dream Team, you will surround yourself with inspiring, courageous, and encouraging peers who challenge and question each other's thoughts and actions from an altruistic perspective. Bring your whole-self to the table and face any fears of reaching beyond your comfort zones.  Engage in agenda-free, confidential dialogue that drives growth, new experiences, and the freedom (financial, mental and daily) to live your ultimate dreams. 

Request to Join Your G.R.I.T. Dream Team

Cancellation Policy: Grit Dream Teams are only for those 200% committed to developing, sustaining and expanding highly functioning people-over-profit organizations. You are committing to at least one year (a 12-month cycle) of monthly engagements and challenges to continue your leadership growth journey. If after this period, we deem a separation is in your best interest, open communication to the group is expected. 

Welcome to your G.R.I.T. Dream Team!

We will be in touch to support your success!


  • Monthly talent+tech challenges leading to internal (individual) and external (organization) growth. 

  • Virtual 4-hour monthly group meetings connecting global people-first leaders.

  • Annual retreats planned for post-COVID world.

  • Women & minority executives offered two pro-bono 1:1 sessions.



  • Ensure your best efforts to attend and participate in scheduled gatherings.

  • Be real, present and open to sharing experiences, challenges, opportunities, skills and expertise with your team.

  • Uphold strict confidentiality of ALL interactions. This only works with complete and utter confidentiality.

  • Disclose any potential conflicts of interests with any of the group members.

  • Annual up-front payment (save $2,000).

  • Monthly payment plan for12 months.


​​As a part of your peer group coaching experience, your facilitator and group members will offer advice, services and opinions in support of your growth and to inspire critical thinking and self-evaluation but these interactions should not be considered a replacement for financial, legal, psychological, medical or other professional advice. Members may be professionally trained, educated and credentialed however the group dynamic is not intended to replace an individual relationship with such advisors and should not be relied upon as a substitute for individual professional advice. There is no obligation for G.R.I.T. Dream Team members to engage in business with each other, the facilitator or other individuals they meet through connecting. Members are encouraged to be strategic regarding doing business with each other, however, if they choose to do so, it is required that the engaged members disclose their business agreement with their fellow group members.


"Don't try to be the "next".  Instead, try to be the other, the changer, the new."

― Seth Godin

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